The Changing Landscape of Education
f you read the mission statement of any K-12 school, chances are it will say something about preparing students for the future. This always strikes me as ironic. How does an educational model structured according to the needs of the Industrial Revolution prepare students for the rapidly changing demands of the 21st century? Most schools are still predicated on the standardization and compartmentalization of the factory system: creating a uniform batch of workers to perform single tasks repeatedly in an assembly line. However, this does not lend well to the current needs and realities of the job market, a setting which is highly integrated, globally diverse, and entrepreneurial. Thus, in order to best prepare the next generation for the demands and opportunities that the future holds for them, more schools need to adapt to the changing landscape of education, and parents need to be better informed about the options and opportunities available to their children, especially if the traditional school model has not been working for them.
July 1, 2021
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