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The Big Open: Screenplay Teaser Competition (Closed August 15, 2021)

The best films and television shows have one thing in common, high-quality storytelling. Showcase your unique story by entering ECA's School of Film & Entertainment’s The Big Open: Screenplay Teaser Competition where you will have the chance to win prizes to invest in and grow your passion as an artist!

2021 NGVSC (March 6 - 7, 2021)

The Next-Generation of Visual Storytellers Conference, presented by EEI Creative Arts School of Film & Entertainment, was created with the goal of bringing the filmmaker experience to middle and high school students. Participants of this conference will have the chance to attend panels featuring Hollywood's best and brightest filmmakers as well as senior leaders from the top film schools. Attendees will also participate in live virtual screenwriting & pitching workshops led by award-winning professionals.
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