Advanced Academic Pathways

Advanced Academic Pathways

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For students looking to challenge themselves academically, Advanced Pathways are curated programs for high achieving students in grades 6-12. We partner with families to guide students through these various pathways as they pursue rigorous study that distinguishes them from other graduates.

Early College (Dual Diploma) Program
The conventional path to academic rigor taken by most high school students usually relies on College Board Advanced Placement courses – often starting in 11th grade. Students may also enroll in courses at a junior college to satisfy their intellectual drive and showcase their academic aptitude.

Alternatively, students who wish to take college level coursework from the beginning of high school may pursue the Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree. The Associate of Arts program is a rare opportunity for students to progress through a UC A-G Requirement-fulfilling course progression, with college-level curriculum.

Subsequently, students can matriculate into their undergraduate freshman year with a significant amount of college credits to fulfill general education requirements. Students can potentially achieve third-year undergraduate standing by applying their college credits. Graduates of the Dual Diploma Program receive a high school diploma from Elite Open School, as well as an Associate of Arts degree from a regionally accredited US college or university.

Minerva Baccalaureate
Based on the proven principles of engaged learning pioneered by Minerva Schools for college students, the Minerva Baccalaureate is unique from an AP or IB program in its holistic, interdisciplinary approach to academics, with an emphasis on the real-world application of knowledge.

The Minerva Baccalaureate is an accelerated, four-year blended program that instills essential skills and career competencies across the core subjects of Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. The program integrates structured, personalized learning modalities with engaging teacher-led classes alongside peers to offer the advantages of both individualized and fully active learning methodologies.

Students apply learned concepts and develop skills in complex critical thinking, advanced problem solving, and strategic decision-making — uniquely preparing graduates not only for college acceptance but success at top institutions. The first three years of the Minerva Baccalaureate consist of advanced high school courses, with the final year dedicated to college-level courses, including a capstone project. Graduates receive a high school diploma from Elite Open School, a Minerva Baccalaureate diploma, and 32 units of college credit.

The Minerva Baccalaureate program is an alternative to the traditional high school education core curriculum. As such, Baccalaureate students would continue the creative arts training programs at the ECA School of Film & Entertainment.

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