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Elite Open School (EOS) is a fully WASC and Cognia accredited middle and high school. As a fully accredited private school, transcripts from Elite Open School are recognized by colleges and universities around the world.

The Elite Network
Elite Open School is a part of the Elite Education Group family of education services. Elite Education Group is a leading educational institution founded in 1987 that provides test preparatory classes, for-credit courses, and college counseling to over 50 locations. Affiliate schools and education partners within the Elite network, including EEI Creative Arts, leverage Elite Open School’s digital curriculum to augment the learning experience.

Why Choose a Blended Education?
Blended learning positions students to maximize the benefits of digital content and in-person instruction. We believe that leveraging the two mediums allows for a more complete learning experience. By utilizing technology to facilitate knowledge acquisition and learning management, our virtual modules circumvent the drawbacks of analog teaching methods. Similarly, to offset the lack of human connection resultant of a digitized curriculum, we incorporate live instruction within dynamic learning environments to develop interpersonal skills and institute group-based accountability.

Why Choose an Education Backed by Elite Education Group?
Since 1987, Elite Education Group has been working with students and families to achieve their scholastic goals in over 50 campuses across 7 countries. With 10,000+ students assisted every year, Elite Education Group serves as a leader in college preparatory education and college admissions counseling. As an affiliated organization to both ECA and EOS, Elite Education Group provides a wealth of experience and knowledge relating to academic achievement and college readiness. Subsequently, ECA is able to source staff for admissions consulting and other academic services from an organization with over 30 years of experience.

Academic Rigor & Opportunity

136 Courses
32 World Language Courses
84 UC Approved College Prep Courses
14 UC Approved Honors Courses
16 College Board AP Courses
24 Dual Credit Courses
10 Computer Science Courses

Accreditations & Standards

Our academic program is WASC and Cognia accredited, and achieving global standards for admission to American top 100 Schools or global equivalents. The EOS Core Curriculum has been tested and proven to operate at and beyond the highest standards of educational excellence, standards, and best practices for students and their families who entrust us with their academic futures.

For an education institution based in California, WASC and Cognia represent the two highest accreditation standards available today and ECA is able to provide education solutions for students, pursuing training in the creative arts. With education accredited by not just one but two of the top standard-bearing institutions, our students will receive global acceptance of credits, courses, grade placements, and transcripts at schools and universities. Our full accredited status validates the quality, the parity and the  trustworthiness of diplomas, transcripts, and certificates to similarly-accredited schools and universities. As such, proving that our academics are meeting both  the top California state standards as well as and U.S. United States national standards.

Our high school curriculum pathway fulfills all of the A-G requirements set forth by the University of California (UC). All of our core courses are University of California A-G Approved and all of our Advanced Placement (AP) courses are College Board approved, making Elite Open School an ideal education provider for college-bound students.

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