School of Film & Entertainment

EEI Creative Arts, School of Film & Entertainment provides a unique, cutting-edge curriculum designed for the filmmakers and musicians of tomorrow. Our unique approach to education allows students and their families the freedom and support to pursue their dreams without sacrificing quality education.

Established in 2012

ECA's School of Film & Entertainment began as a collaborative development between the Elite Educational Group and some of Hollywood’s top producers to establish an academic institution specifically for students pursuing a passion in contemporary music.

Since then, the ECA School of Film & Entertainment has expanded its curriculum to include creative disciplines in Screenwriting, Directing & Cinematography, Film & Media Production, and Post-production & Editing. Located in Los Angeles, at the heart of the entertainment industry, the ECA School of Film & Entertainment was created with a vision to connect the artists of tomorrow with Hollywood professionals today in a rigorous, real-world learning environment.

Our WASC-accredited programs thoroughly prepare each student for college admissions and our Minerva Institute
partnership further ensures course offerings will meet a high caliber of academic rigor. Meanwhile, our world-class
instructors and training using state-of-the-art equipment provide a jump-start on a dream career in media and
entertainment via a pre-professional academic experience at the intersection of creative arts and technology.

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