School of Film & Entertainment

EEI Creative Arts, School of Film & Entertainment provides a unique, cutting-edge curriculum designed for the filmmakers and musicians of tomorrow. Our unique approach to education allows students and their families the freedom and support to pursue their dreams without sacrificing quality education.

The Creative Education of the Future

EEI Creative Arts (ECA) is a private middle and high school that brings together UC-approved courses with specialized programs in film, digital media, and entertainment.

ECA has at its core a team of Hollywood studio executives and film professionals who are devoted to a dynamic and holistic pathway to excellence in the cinematic arts. Our students will apply their in-class learnings, especially during the Creative Capstone, to produce professional-grade creative work towards a portfolio that showcases their creative talents.

The ECA School of Film & Entertainment curriculum includes creative disciplines in Screenwriting, Directing & Cinematography, Film & Media Production, and Post-production & Editing. Located in Los Angeles, at the heart of the entertainment industry, the ECA School of Film & Entertainment was created with a vision to connect the artists of tomorrow with Hollywood professionals today in a hands-on learning environment at the intersection of art and technology.

The EEI Creative Arts Experience

  1. Building Future Skills for Future Leaders
    ECA was founded alongside Hollywood professionals with the goal of raising today’s storytellers to shape tomorrow’s media trends. Students will learn  innovative techniques while mastering relevant skill sets to create high-quality productions and grow as filmmakers. The course curriculum was designed to emphasize experiential group projects, particularly during the Creative Capstone, and use real-world application to accelerate each student’s creative development.
  2. Personalized Academics, Powered by Technology
    Our core curriculum blends virtual learning with in-person instruction creating a personalized academic journey for each student. By leveraging technology, our academic team is able to connect students to resources beyond the classroom while providing individualized support as needed. By structuring the delivery of accredited courses to be contained within the morning hours, the blended learning system frees up time during the school day which can be used to pursue non-core courses. In this way, ECA students will have the opportunity to dedicate meaningful blocks of time to in-depth, creative training.
  3. Holistic Creative and Personal Development
    ECA students will progress through a series of creative courses, each meant to develop a well-rounded, thoughtful and technically skilled student filmmaker. Rather than relegating a student’s artistic interests to an after-school passion project, ECA integrates cinematic arts programs into the curriculum, in the belief that creative education enables our students to tell their stories and make positive contributions to their society. As students advance through the years, they will concentrate within a specific track, with courses devoted to project execution and portfolio development.
  4. Membership in the Elite Network
    ECA and EOS are members of the Elite Education Group, a leading college preparatory education provider founded in 1987, with education centers in over 50 locations and 7 countries. For over 30 years, Elite has been guiding students and families of all backgrounds and situations to achieve their college admission dreams. ECA students and parents, in the same way, can rest assured that every preparation needed, from standardized test training to college consulting, will be provided with the same dedication and exemplary track record. ECA is the only creative arts school backed by the full resources of Elite Education Group where students will receive portfolio and resume guidance from industry luminaries and former deans of the top US film programs.

Our WASC-accredited programs thoroughly prepare each student for college admissions and our Minerva Institute
partnership ensures course offerings will meet a high caliber of academic rigor. Meanwhile, our world-class
instructors and state-of-the-art equipment provide a jump-start to a dream career in media and

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