School of Film & Entertainment

Built in collaboration with industry veterans and accomplished working professionals to elevate the next generation of filmmakers and musicians. Our curriculum offers a cutting-edge approach to exploring the world of film with creativity and passion. Engage in the cinematic arts within the comfort of your home through our blended model of instruction, featuring recorded lectures that fit with your schedule combined with skills-based virtual, hands-on workshops.

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Earn High School Elective Credits Reflected on Official Transcripts

EEI Creative Arts courses are designed with the full academic backing and quality assurance of the WASC and Cognia-accredited Elite Open School. While our creative learning modules can be taken independently, students who complete three modules in one creative discipline are eligible and encouraged to receive elective high school credit reflected through official transcripts for their hard work.


Learn everything about the screenwriting process under the mentorship of working Hollywood screenwriters.

Directing & Cinematography

Design powerful cinematic imagery through immersive, hands-on education using the latest professional-grade software & equipment.


Gain cutting-edge pre-professional training in film, television, and digital media production
in a collaborative environment.

Post-Production & Editing

Master the post-production process and learn how to shape the storytelling narrative from storyboard to final cut.


Students of the music program will gain access to the highest level of technical training alongside world-class instructors.

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"The EEI Creative Arts School is what I dreamed of when I was a kid thinking maybe I could be a writer, but I had no idea how to make it happen. The hands-on learn-by-doing approach to filmmaking - which is what the school is about - is exactly how you become a filmmaker. With working professionals as the faculty teaching committed young students, it will be a real gateway to careers in what is a very rewarding and challenging industry"
Andy Wolk, acclaimed American screenwriter, television and
theatre Director, winner of the Writer's Guild Award
Andy Wolk photo
Bruce Eskowitz photo
"The school has built a high-caliber arts curriculum with the objective of turning budding storytellers into the next entertainment leaders. ECA merges the latest technologies with practical experiences so students graduate with a current understanding of the world around them"
Bruce Eskowitz, COO of Red Light Management,
Former CEO of Live Nation North America
"For the first time, you have a school that prioritizes academics and the arts in a way that empowers students to take charge of their creative journey and wholeheartedly pursue their passions"
Michael Peyser, Producer & Professor at USC School of
Cinematic Arts, Former Sr. VP at Walt Disney Studios
Michael Peyser photo
Adam Kanter photo
"With emerging platforms and technologies revolutionizing the entertainment industry, there is a need for an equally transformative force in education. EEI Creative Arts is that force, bridging between the content creators of today and the innovators of tomorrow"
Adam Kanter, Co-Head of Television Content
& Motion Pictures at A3 Artists Agency
Michelle Amor Gillie photo
"The vision of the EEI Creative Arts School to serve as the premier creative arts program for middle and high school students is what immediately attracted me to the program. Just imagining the number of highly-trained, compassionate storytellers, industry leaders, and scholars EEI will produce makes me extremely hopeful for the health and vibrancy of the entertainment industry."
Michelle Amor Gillie, Screenwriter & Professor at Loyola Marymount university school of film and television

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Our rigorous, fully-accredited academic curriculum provides the flexibility unavailable in traditional school settings while enabling academic excellence and preparing students for the competitive
college admissions process.

Our partnership with The Minerva Baccalaureate, a transformative four-year program, provides personalized accelerated courses for qualified students seeking to attend highly selective colleges
and universities to subsequently excel in their chosen career paths.

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EEI Creative Arts' created a world-class board of advisors that share our vision for equipping young minds with the practical tools and experiences needed to thrive in a creative environment.

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Founders & Team

Two visionary leaders, each with over 30 years of experience and a
long established reputation in the respective areas of education
and entertainment joined forces to launch EEI Creative Arts.

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